School’s out. Tokyo in 32 days.

Me, Miyamoto-sensei and Tanglin Chen at the Museum of Mathematics, New York, NY, 3/14/14

School is finally out, and I have been enjoying a few days of down time before I go to Google Greg’s wedding in Guerneville, CA. I leave for Tokyo on July 31, but I will post occasionally throughout July and then every day when I arrive in Tokyo on August 1. There’s still lots of time to plan out the trip, and I am still gathering info on what to do in Tokyo. I am scheduled to be with Miyamoto-sensei for four full school days, and the rest is up in the air. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Lots of time to explore!




  1. Kaz, I can feel your excitement and it’s contagious. I know You’ll take it all in and bring it back in Kashwell style.
    I’m thinking there may be a Kash Kash or Kaz Kaz game in the works,
    Very nice, yes! (enunciated in borat accent)
    Enjoy to the fullest.
    Looking forward to all your posts.

  2. Hey Mr. Ka$hwell,

    A friend of my dad’s went to Tokyo a few years ago. He told me that the Shinjuki Gyoen national garden is very beautiful, so I would recommend seeing it for sure. I wish Google Greg a joyous wedding, and I hope you will not make him split the cost of the food. Are you staying in one of Japan’s (in)famous capsule hotels?

    Best of luck,

    Oskar Willmott(Sent from Sweden)

    1. hey oskar,

      apologies for the late response. are you still in sweden? do share a story or two if you can… i’m still getting the hang of this blog thing, but i’ll be checking it much more often now that i’m leaving in two days. thanks for the recommendation. i’ll be sure to get to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and share some pictures. Google Greg’s wedding was indeed joyous. very joyous. i passed that message on to him as well.

      luckily, i’m not staying in a capsule. i actually have a real apartment in harajuku where apparently all of the teenage kids show off their crazy fashions. should be interesting.

      keep commenting!
      mr. ka$hwell

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