Day 1. Good morning from the land of the rising sun.


Sun comes up early here… Today is day 1 and it starts a huge weekend. Today is the first day of class with Miyamoto sensei. No translator for class. Why? There is NO TALKING! I believe students solve puzzles for 2.5 hours with no talking at all. Just like my class (ok, maybe slightly different). Luckily, I got the puzzles in advance and I did some homework on the plane.


My airplane homework

I did my first 5×5, 6×6, and 7×7 NO OP puzzle. This means that in the puzzle, there are no operations on the target numbers. Only the target numbers.

In this 6x6 puzzle, the targets have operations

In this 6×6 puzzle, the targets have operations

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 6.01.47 AM

In this 6×6 puzzle, there are no target operations. You have to figure that out.

This creates many more possibilities and makes the puzzles considerably harder. I struggled with 8×8, and I’m up early to keep going. And yet these puzzles will be given to the elementary school kids today. Does every student finish them all?

Following class, I was invited to stay with one of his student’s families at their home tonight. I’ll be getting a true Japanese home experience. Tomorrow I have lunch and dinner with two other students and their families to learn more about their experience being in Miyamoto sensei’s class. I am really curious about how they got into Miyamoto’s school (it’s only word of mouth), and how it has affected their learning. Stay tuned.


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